Not only will we make you thin!

OK, we got the idea from Paul McKenna and YES, we are endorsing his products and even his own training seminars if you can get to them. In fact, Health Coach, Lee Vallely who is leading the ‘We Can Make You Thin Too’ seminar at West Hants Tennis Club on 16th February 2013 has assisted Paul on his seminars on several occasions. Assisted by clinical hypnotherapist, Harvey Taylor, Lee will be providing a tour de force in healthy living without even mentioning the dreaded ‘diet’ word.

So what else will you get from us besides the convenience of a local programme? Well for a start we are offering a lot more than simply a way to get thin, brilliant though that is. We will also be showing you how to take control of your own emotions and introduce you to the most powerful technology for living the life you want.

It might also surprise you to know that one of the most significant factors contributing to weight problems is stress. People who suffer long term stress produce a surfeit of cortisol which triggers higher insulin levels leading to increased appetite. Short-term, if you really do need a burst of energy, to run away from a tiger for example, your body is just getting ready to burn every available source of energy it can find. But over months and years, you get into the habit of eating more and more to satisfy the hunger pangs that long term stress can give rise to. That’s why Harvey and Lee will be focusing on how you live your life as much as how you eat your food.

We will show you how to build a positive, stress-free relationship with your own mind and body that does not require dieting, radical exercise regimes or even a great deal of will power. You will build positive beliefs about your scope to make significant changes in your life that will banish the plague of emotional eating forever.

Creating a healthy attitude towards life, love and your body can be so much easier than you think. For more information or to BOOK onto the event now go to or BOOK direct from this site

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