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The Confidence Questionnaire below is designed to help you explore how you can think, feel and act in ways which are useful, positive and productive for you. If you want to increase your confidence and build your self-esteem give it a go now.

There is a small charge of £3. Your school will get 50% of the profits from each questionnaire you complete. The remainder goes to the upkeep of this site and the production of these questionnaires and profiles.

Once you have completed a questionnaire, you will be directed to the payment page where you pay your £3. After you have paid you will receive a personal profile and report. You can also provide an e mail address for a parent or teacher if you want to so that they can help you work through the report.

You will be directed to helpful tips, techniques, exercises and other resources such as workshops and coaching. The report and profile will be sent direct to your personal e mail address and should arrive as soon as you have completed payment.

If you have any queries or problems regarding these questionnairea please contact us direct using this link.

Confidence Questionnaire

Confidence Questionnaire.

All people experience a lack of confidence at some time. For some it seems like it is all of the time and for others it is only in certain situations. Often, a lack of confidence will actually be useful in keeping us safe and stopping us from taking inappropriate risks. Young people can and do give themselves a hard time. This can have a negative effect on self-esteem (the extent to which we value ourselves) and it needs to be addressed. Follow this link to complete the Confidence Questionnaire now. Completing this questionnaire will give you a personal profile and lots of positive suggestions to help you maintain your confidence and self-esteem at appropriate and healthy levels whatever the situation. And REMEMBER, if you have any concerns, you can share your Confidence Profile with a teacher, parent or any other appropriate adult and ask for support. Working through the suggestions will help you to grow in confidence positively, safely and healthily.