How to Get the Best Return on Investment from Team Development

Harvey Taylor The Development ActivistMost businesses recognise the importance of team working and will invest to ensure that everyone is working well together. In a recession, understandably, some will question the value, but for those businesses that really value employee commitment, high quality customer service and positive working relationships it really is a no brainer.

Apart from natural disasters and accidents, the biggest single cause of business failure is a lack of effective communication, human engagement and commitment. You invest a lot of energy and money recruiting people with the right experience and qualifications. Leaving them to fend for themselves in a dysfunctional culture is like buying a performance sports car and then leaving it on derelict waste ground with a sign on the windscreen saying ‘scrap’.

What any business really wants from a team day and any subsequent team development work is confidence about the positive impact their investment is likely to generate. That’s why I personally decided, as a facilitator with hundreds of events and training sessions under my belt, to provide a money-back guarantee on all the team events I host. If clients do not perceive real value I will refund them 100% of my fee. No questions asked. If your team development facilitator is not prepared to make this commitment then why should you?

The real work actually takes place before the event. By working closely with businesses to specify tangible outcomes for the event we increase the chance of success.  The aim is to ensure that all the input and facilitation enhances team working in an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere and that it also provides practical learning, insights and motivation around core company goals and values.

And as I like to say to everyone I work with, if you decided to get up today you might just as well be happy and productive. In fact this is a key message on all the events I run. Surprisingly large numbers of people still seem to believe that their success is somehow beyond their control. I preach the opposite. You are the sole person in the whole universe who can decide to be happy and productive.

Now this is not the place to go into an in-depth analysis of indoor activities versus outdoor. There are clearly merits in both and for now all I am going to say is this: think about your audience and your desired outcomes. I have seen too many people who are not physically equipped to abseil down a railway bridge being humiliated in front of their colleagues all in the name of ‘bonding’. Equally I have seen people alienated by inappropriately challenging intellectual exercises. It’s clearly a question of horses for courses and again, the specific sessions should be designed with the end in mind.

The real benefit from team development is measured in months and even years. Pitched at the right level, simple, positive, self-esteem boosting exercises and rituals will have an impact way beyond the relatively small costs you incur. If you are spending £100′s of thousands or millions on salaries, what price an annual tune up for the engine that really drives your business forwards?

Team development can make the difference between someone expressing an idea for a new killer product, or making the effort to clinch a key account and simply not bothering. And if you find yourself sitting in endless grievance and disciplinary meetings or trying to avoid the corporate assassins and petty ‘Machiavellis’ in the shadows then you know that it is time to get that conflict out in the open and sort out your company culture.

My guarantee to every client is that your team will have the best opportunity to ramp up their contribution whilst increasing their satisfaction and commitment to your business. Oh yes, and it WILL be fun. Being a management trainer with 23 years’ experience, a performer with a first class honours degree in creative arts and a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist means that when I say it will be unique, it really will be unique!

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