Employee Plus

Over the last 26 years I have helped thousands of employees and managers at all levels to overcome personal and professional challenges. Whether the issue is stress, work/life balance, performance or simply the intrusion of life into the workplace, I have a huge range of techniques and experience to draw upon to support you. My aim is to get everyone contributing at their full capacity in a way that is sutainable and life enhancing for them as well as for their employer, in the shortest timeframe possible.

The service is completely confidential and takes place on site so there is a minimum disruption to the working day.

Having provided personal counselling and professional development services for  large corporates and numerous smaller businesses I know how costly employee difficulties can be not just the individual and the business but also for managers and colleagues.

I understand that there is a fine balance to be struck between sensitive and caring assistance for you as an individual and maintaining the services and productivity vital to your business. My goal is to keep employees functioning positively and healthily. Often work turns out to be the one stable element in an otherwise chaotic period of life for some individuals so if we can help to keep you there whilst getting to grips with challenges both at work and at home this always makes sense.

As a management trainer over the last 26 years I have also facilitated conflict resolution across a wide range of workplace environments. I have provided team development support and assisted in creating a deepeer understanding of how to get the best from everyone in a sustainabe and positive maner

Since setting up my own management training, therapy and coaching practice 18 years ago, I have worked with hundreds of businesses supporting management and employee development and providing confidential support to individuals who are struggling to cope for whatever reason.

Past and current clients include British Telecom, Nestlé, Waitrose, Cobham, Hadland Care Group, the NHS, Kent Constabulary, Screwfix and a wide range of smaller local businesses.

I am fully insured for both professional indemnity and public liability. My company employee assistance programmes are customised to your specific needs and the whole process is highly flexible. There is no requirement to sign up for long term contracts unless this is in your own interests. Typically I work on a pay-as-you-go basis. I operate from my premises in Bournemouth and/or provide services on your premises, as appropriate.

For more information and to BOOK an initial meeting without obligation please contact Harvey Taylor or call 07974 228396.