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How to Get the Best Return on Investment from Team Development

Most businesses recognise the importance of team working and will invest to ensure that everyone is working well together. In a recession, understandably, some will question the value, but for those businesses that really value employee commitment, high quality customer … Continue reading

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Stress and Obesity

Stress can lead to weight gain in several ways. Eating when you are not really hungry is a sure sign that your emotions are out of balance. Being too exhausted to exercise, becoming welded to the sofa and consuming high … Continue reading

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Not only will we make you thin!

OK, we got the idea from Paul McKenna and YES, we are endorsing his products and even his own training seminars if you can get to them. In fact, Health Coach, Lee Vallely who is leading the ‘We Can Make You … Continue reading

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Social Anxiety

My interest in helping other people stems from my own social anxiety and self-medication, growing up in the seventies. My experience was not uncommon. Previous generations often had it much worse. People were confronted by all kinds of baffling and highly restrictive social conventions in … Continue reading

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APT4L is on the launchpad

Hi I’m Harvey Taylor, The Development Activist. I am delighted to tell you that APT4L, the new launch vehicle for my extensive learning and development services is about to take off. I deliver leadership and management training, personal and professional development, coaching and therapy to … Continue reading

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Welcome to APT4Learning

Welcome to the APT4L. I’m Harvey Taylor, MD at APT4L. We provide inspirational learning and development solutions for leaders, managers, teachers, parents, students and young people. We have a clear set of values which permeate all of our work. We … Continue reading

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